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 Bankroll management

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PostSubject: Bankroll management   Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:52 pm

After you get in the fantastic world of poker is vital that you manage the money you have available to play, that money is called "Bankroll", and it is considered your poker player blood.

think about it like this: you have 30 dollars available to play, you decide is good to try a tournament of 15 dollars the entry fee, because it pays very well to the winners... you get in play tight and conservative but then somebody kicks you out when you were holding AA... what happened? variance my friend and it just slapped you on the face and left you with half of your money and totally mad and confused.

what to do after that? yeah you just wasted half of your money and now if you try the same adventure you'll have to win it or be another broken player looking for freerolls everywhere.

this is the point, if you want to have a succesful poker career the first thing you gotta have in mind is your limits. if you only have 30 dollars you can try cash tables of 1-2cents the blinds...yeah...little money... but there's no other way to climb. or try tournaments of less than one dollar the entry. Some poker experts recommend to have 100 buy ins to get in a tourney, which means that if you wanna play a 15 dollar tournament you better have 1500 dollars or you'll be risking more than what you should be doing. some are not so strict and recommend 50, 60 or 70 buy ins.

for cash tables I've heard is good to have at least 25 stacks of the level, which means that if you wanna play in NL10 (5-10cents the blinds) you'll need to have in your bankroll something around 250 dollars. and for NL2 (1-2cents the blinds) you need around 50 bucks, but given that you only have 30 and there's no other lower cash tables, that suits you ok.

I will be bringing you some more basics about BRM (bankroll management) keep in touch and comment or share your opinions and strategies
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Bankroll management
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