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 About BadBeats and how to deal with it.

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PostSubject: About BadBeats and how to deal with it.   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:36 am

Yesterday i was browsing the net and found an article with one of my favorite players: Daniel Negreanu where he was talking about bad beats. So what he basically said is following:

Dont get beaten down by bad beats, there a few thing you have to know about it like:

1. Don`t tell stories about your badbeats, and i must agree, actually no one gives a dam about it, we all have it. If you want to test this, try this: when you listened last time to a bad beat stroy how much attention did you paid off? Smile. You just listen and say UL, awww, and all that crap. So just keep those bad beats for yourself,its a fact we all have those we have to deal with it being part of the game.

2.Stay out of tilt.
After getting a bad beat, or just cards run bad, lot of players feel that they need to change something in their play. Push with medium cards, open with marginals, pay a lot on draws and gutshots. Its a mistake! Just stick on your game plan and play your good cards despite of the bad run.

3.Dont look weak

Even though you run bad, your aces get cracked or whatever will happen dont let your opponents see you sweat! Once an opponent saw you as a weak player you will become a target, he will chase you and will attack, just like a prey animal, when he gets the opportunity! Keep a healhty attitude full with optimism at the table, when you are asked how you running just answer with something like "Lately running pretty good, i`m on a upstring actually", even though your cards run bad, the opponents dont need to know that thing.
Most important thing is to keep focus on your play, play solid and look forward to opportunities to recover!

Good Luck All!
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David A Murphy

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PostSubject: Re: About BadBeats and how to deal with it.   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:50 am

I agree with everything posted here, ESPECIALLY the part about being on tilt. This is by far the biggest reason players go bust quickly.

When your running bad or taking bad beats, you need to realize what is happening and get away from the situation for a while if you can't adjust to it. Plain and simple. I get tired of hearing about players busting their roll because they couldn't pull themselves off the tables for at least a quick break...

Good write.
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PostSubject: Re: About BadBeats and how to deal with it.   Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:36 am

Nice i totaly agree with that i still need to work on not getting on tilt after a badbeat Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: About BadBeats and how to deal with it.   

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About BadBeats and how to deal with it.
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